Saturday 26 May 2018

People To Tell

  • Car insurance company (this is especially urgent if you (or anyone else) are insured to drive the car under the deceased's name, as you will cease to be insured, and you will need to secure cover without delay).
  • Home insurance company – to ensure continued cover.
  • Social Services, if the person received home help or day centre care
  • Any hospital the person was attending.
  • The family doctor to cancel any home nursing.
  • Banks and building societies.
  • Social security office if money was being paid directly into a bank or building society account, (i,e, retirement pension, attendance allowance).
  • The local council housing benefit/council tax benefit section, if the person who died was in receipt of these benefits, Credit card/store card companies
  • You may need to deal with savings certificates, premium bonds, and share certificates.
  • Any employer and trade union.
  • The inland revenue
  • Private health insurance provider
  • Professional associations, clubs or organisations the person belonged to.
  • A child or young person's teacher, or college, if a close relative or friend has died.
  • The post office so that they can re-direct the person's mail (for a charge).
  • The gas, electricity, water, cable and telephone suppliers.
  • The local council hosing department or landlord if the person who died was living in rented accommodation.
  • Any pension provider, where the pension was already in payment.
  • Any offices liable for pension and life assurance policies (due to be paid).
  • Any occupational pensions due to be paid (from previous and current employments).

If you have difficulty knowing what these are, you can get help from the Pension Tracing Service. Tel: 0845 600 2537 (Mon-Fri/ 9am-5pm).

You may need to cancel the following:

  • Milk and newspaper deliveries
  • The gardener and window cleaner
  • Appointments already made, such as dentist, chiropodist, and hairdresser.
  • Claim any refunds due on:
  • - TV licence, Road Tax, Council Tax, Season tickets etc.

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